The Greatest of all GOAT’s


Photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons License

Tom Brady now has six Super Bowl titles to his name.

Zack Deutschmann, features writer

On February 3rd, Tom Brady cemented his place in NFL history. With a win over the Los Angeles Rams, he now has six Super Bowl titles to his name, placing him among the greatest athletes of all time. Should he be crowned the greatest of all time title after his recent masterpiece of a season?

During a challenging season with concerns over the Patriots’ front office and their relationship with Brady, the Patriots were once again able to come together. The Los Angeles Rams were looking to knock them off and avenge their Super Bowl loss in 2001, when they lost on a last-second field goal by Adam Vinatieri. However, skepticism brewed over allegations that the Patriots had knowledge of the Rams playbook, leading to the infamous “Spygate.” Still, his victory is where the Patriots’ dynasty began. Since then, they have been running the NFL for nearly two decades, with nine Super Bowl appearances and six championships.

Due to the Patriots’ dominance, the NFL seems destined to head in a different direction. Fans don’t like seeing the same teams compete for the same championships over and over because it makes the sport dry at the expense of other teams reaching the desired title game. Parity is a measure of the different amount of teams in the playoffs every year, and it hopes to allow every team a chance at winning the Super Bowl every year. But concerns over teams in their division tanking, which is the process of intentionally making a team lose to acquire high draft pick capital may take away from the accomplishments that Brady has. He has dominated the AFC East to a tune of nine consecutive AFC East titles and three straight AFC championships. According to AOL, Super Bowl LIII was the least watched NFL championship game in the last decade, which shows the discontent among sports fans that dislike watching the Patriots. Every. Single. Year.

The Patriots are like your least favorite coworker; you know they’re going to be there every time, talking about all of the drama that happened while you were gone. The Patriots arrived at the Super Bowl, and all the talk was about whether or not this will be the final game of Brady’s career. With a Super Bowl victory, Tom Brady could play “Sweet Victory” by David Glen Eisley (why wasn’t it performed at halftime?) and ride off into the sunset, into his castle upon a hill and continue to think about his quest for more Super Bowl rings. Or if Tom Brady lost, he could have said that his time has come to take off the hat, especially at 41. According to USA Today, Brady said, “When the day comes when I feel like I can’t do it anymore, whether even physically, which I doubt it will be, I’ll say it’s enough. But it’s not going to be for a while”.

What could be left for Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady? I predict that Tom Brady will be questioned endlessly over whether or not he will retire. He deserves to be able to decide when his football career is over despite the cries of sports fans who are hoping and wishing that he calls it quits, so that their teams can become relevant again. As a longtime St. Louis Rams fan converted Green Bay Packers fan, I envy the Patriots success as I too have been waiting for my sports franchise to compete for more championships.

Does he want to be considered the greatest athlete of all time? He has an astounding legacy, as he has accumulated over 70,000 passing yards, multiple MVP awards, nine Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl championships as well as being known as the greatest quarterback in football history. Yet he could still keep going. Despite the countless banter and hate he receives for his grit and clutch factor, he could push his brain and body to play well into his forties, and who knows how many more records could be broken. At the moment, he’s unstoppable, and we are now left with the ultimate question: How can he not be the greatest of all time?