Cardinals possibly signing Nolan Arenado


Courtesy of Creative Commons

One in particular is Colorado Rockies’ third baseman, Nolan Arenado, whose numbers speak for themselves

According to  the St. Louis Cardinals have emerged as a team that could get Colorado Rockies’ third baseman, Nolan Arenado. He has had five straight seasons with over 37 home runs and won seven Gold Gloves in his career. Layton Krause, Sophomore, who is a longtime St Louis sports fan says the Cardinals need someone who can improve the team’s hitting, as well as the fan morale for next year.

“[The Cardinals] need someone that can make these fans more excited for next season,” said Krause. “Bringing in someone like Arenado can make this team a competitor next year, and that is huge for a baseball market as big as St Louis.”

Grant Pogue, sophomore and St. Louis sports fan, had more of a statistical reason behind wanting Arenado. He argued that Matt Carpenter, current Cardinals third baseman, is severely underperforming expectations and the team needs a replacement.

 “Matt Carpenter’s numbers have gone way down since last year with his poor average, and on base percentage,” Pogue said. “To me, the move is a no-brainer, especially considering the amount of players on this Cardinals team that I want traded.”

Randy Kriewall is a Cardinals fan who has taught for a while at KHS, and he was definitely more Pro-Matt Carpenter than Pogue. He said Matt Carpenter and other Cardinal players are committed to the city of St. Louis, and that is important to the program.

“I think [Carpenter has] done a lot of good things for the Cardinal’s organization, but what really impressed me was Matt’s apology,” Kriewall said. “He apologized saying that he let the organization down, and the fans down and that he knows next year, nothing will be handed to him and that he’s ready to do better. That shows to me that we already have a solid committed player in the third baseman position, and that wouldn’t be the worst thing ever if we didn’t get Arenado.”

Kriewall said every sports organization will have rough patches in some years. He said that the Cardinals face unique pressures to win more than other teams because of their success in the past.

“I think when younger teenage Cardinals fans are used to seeing them win a lot, it can cause them to get a little spoiled,”  Kriewall said. “There are definitely other MLB teams that are way worse than the Cardinals are right now, and I still have confidence that this current team the Redbirds have will make the playoffs next year and do well, even without the addition of Nolan Arenado.”