Athlete of the Week: Tommy McGhee

Senior cross country runner Tommy McGhee had the best race of his life in Jackson, Missouri, as he won his first career medal, finishing 23rd out of over 100 runners on Saturday, Sept. 6. These performances are usually preluded with the blood, sweat and tears of hard work, but Tommy has rewritten the definition of determination through not only the race at Jackson, but through his four years in cross country.

“I would say that Tommy is a perfect example of someone with perseverance,” Wayne Baldwin, head varsity cross country coach, said.

Tommy’s award-winning status has not always been shown on the stopwatch during his tenure as a runner. He has not always been at the front of the pack, explaining that throughout his freshman and sophomore years, keeping up was tough. But through the years he has worked his heart out, always maintaining the hunger for a medal around his neck. A key reason to his perseverance and success can be found in his relationships with his teammates.

“I never felt discouraged because the running community we have is excellent,” Tommy said.

In addition to dedication to his sport and his teammates, Tommy explains that he is a leader. He supports all of his teammates at all times, no matter the situation, and is respectful to everybody he interacts with, and is humble about his recent accomplishment, even though his glory could be celebrated in much more of a flamboyant fashion.

“As a person, Tommy McGhee is what a human being should be; he’s kind, he’s thoughtful and he cares about other people,” Baldwin said.

Not only is Tommy a champion in sports, but he is also an exceptional student, according himself, Baldwin, and all of his teachers. Bearing the weight of advanced classes on his back, Tommy does not take the easy senior schedule. His determination is not just confined to cross country, but extends into school, too. Baldwin said that Tommy will go on to college and be very successful.

From the perspective of his peers, if anybody deserves to go on and be successful in life, it’s Tommy McGhee. If anybody deserves to be looked at as an example, it’s Tommy McGhee. If one were to choose a single person to model their personality after and strive to be like, it’s Tommy McGhee.

“He’s just a good human being, and he works hard for what he gets, and deserves it because of his hard work,” Baldwin said.