Athlete of the Week: Regina Doty

When the bell rings at 2:40, most students grab their athletic bags from their lockers and head toward the athletic building to get ready for their after school sports practice. However, after a long, tiring day, some students come to practice with drained, less than positive energy. For Regina Doty, junior, the after school blues do not faze her.

“Coming to cross country practice each day is exciting,” Doty said. “Even when we are doing the hardest workout, I try to have my best attitude.”

According to Doty, being on the team makes her feel like she is part of a “fun family,” separate from home. Whether the workout is hills at Kirkwood Park or speed workouts on the track, Doty enjoys pushing her team mates to do their best during practices and at meets.

“She sets the positive mood for the day, even if the workout is the hardest she is always there to say, ‘We can do this guys’,” Grace Noonan, junior, said. “The vibe that she gives the team is exactly what we need to be successful, even after long days at school.”

At practices, the captains notice the positive vibes Doty brings.

“She brings an intensity at workouts that the team and I follow,” senior captain, Emma Gagliarducci, said. “She always has a good attitude and I don’t think I have ever seen her complain about anything.”
On top of being a positive influence at practice, Doty is an exceptional runner, according to Gagliarducci; she always tries her best.

“Every race, she brings it,” said Gagliarducci. “She may be nervous, but she always tries her hardest at meets and always turns out a good race.”

Doty, also an all-state lacrosse player, is motivated by lacrosse. Although Doty runs to keep in shape, she also does it because she likes the challenge cross country gives her. In addition, according to her teammates, they could not imagine the team without her.

“Every practice, she pushes everyone,” Lauren Marten, junior, said. “There was never a time when I didn’t see Regina motivating others, pushing our team to do better.”