Athlete Of The Week: Elise McDonough

Elise McDonough, senior, started her final year of high school on a high note by winning multiple tournaments individually and helping her team on the road to state in golf.

“We had a really good season. The Lindbergh tournament especially, because the team won and I also won individually,” McDonough said. “I got second in districts, did well in sectionals and in state the team placed second.”

One of McDonough’s strengths is keeping her composure during a match or in a tournament. The experience she brings to the course helps keep her relaxed even in the most stressful situations.

“When she is playing out on the golf course she remains very calm and it doesn’t matter how she is playing,” Shawn Owens, KHS golf coach, said. “She can remain neutral and it doesn’t affect her game.”

Since McDonough plays all year round, she finds herself becoming more comfortable and more consistent over time. She has learned from experience, that you can move on from every shot.

Yet, golf isn’t anything new to McDonough’s life. It has been a part of her life for almost eight years and McDonough has continued to work hard at the sport ever since.

“I think she took it upon herself to become really good at golf, so it became more of what she really wanted to do,” Owens said. “That is why she became so good, because she decided it was something she wanted, so she became dedicated to it and it shows in her results.”

McDonough finds being a senior helpful, because she gets the opportunity to lead in many ways. Through her constant involvement she is able to give advice to the other girls on the team.

“I think being one of the older ones and having the experience helps the team, because in the off-season whenever I am free I have time to help the other girls,” McDonough said.

Owens finds that her talent and dedication leads the team to victories and brings them to great achievements such as state.

“Much of our success can be attributed to her and how hard she has worked throughout the years,” Owens said.

One of the most exciting moments for McDonough and the varsity team was Oct. 14-15 in Joplin, Missouri for the Twin Hills state tournament. At state, the team got second place and brought a trophy back to KHS.

“I don’t think I will ever forget state, just because of the conditions, with the rain and wind gusts,” McDonough said. “We were the first team to bring it home which was exciting and we were very proud.”

Although her chapter for KHS golf is over, the future for McDonough is currently undecided, but one thing is for sure.

“I hope to play golf in college, but I am just in the process of finding a team and school that I like,” McDonough said.