Athlete of the Week: Madeline Myers


Courtesy of Kriewall Photography

Kate Hennessey, sports writer

Madeline Myers, senior, had a 7-6, 6-1 comeback win against Parkway South’s varsity tennis team in singles, August 24.

“Since I’m a senior I’ve just tried to be a leader who can be positive, even when other people are negative about themselves”, Myers said.

This year, Myers is a co-captain of the girls’ varsity tennis team. This is Myers’s first year as a co-captain.

“She’s one of the most positive girls I’ve ever met,” Nick Janette, varsity tennis coach said. “Along with that, she works very hard. I think she’s a great role model for all the new players.”

Being a co-captain and a senior, Myers gets to know all of the players on all levels of the tennis program. She makes sure to socialize with everyone, creating an aspect of unity on the team. Myers encourages her teammates to have a work ethic like her own.

“I try to have everyone be hardworking and continue to do their best,” Myers said. “I try to include everyone in the team bonding.”

Tennis has helped Myers in more ways than just making friends and being a leader. Myers shows that she is not just physically strong, but mentally tough as well.

“[Tennis] helped me stay positive and work on being not so negative,” Myers said. “Like working through your weaknesses.”

Myers intends to not only bring her positivity and work ethic to the team, but her skill and athleticism as well. Her goal this year is to win as many singles and doubles matches as she can. She is also working to take home wins in her upcoming tournaments.

“I try to be hardworking and continue to do my best”, Myers said. “I just want to enjoy my last season.”