Athlete of the Week: Tahj Telfair

Kate Hennessey, sports writer

Tahj Telfair, junior forward, scored 22 points in a close loss of 67-65 against Jennings, on Friday, Jan. 15.

Telfair started on the freshman team, then made varsity his sophomore year. This year Telfair has become an all-around player on the court, according to Bill Gunn, varsity head coach.

“We count on him a lot for rebounding [and] for defense and he scores for us around the basket,” Coach Gunn said. “He makes a difference every time he’s on the floor and affects everybody on the court.”

Telfair accredited his work ethic to making it onto varsity. Coach Gunn said Telfair needed to improve his free throws sophomore year. This year, Telfair made eight field goals and six free throw shots in the game against Jennings.

“I was determined to make it to Varsity and that’s what I did [with] hardwork [and] dedication,” Telfair said. “On days [my work ethic] can be good, sometimes it’s horrible, it just depends on how I’m feeling.”

After playing Varsity his sophomore year, Coach Gunn said there is a maturation process that Telfair has shifted into. Telfair arrives early to practice and focuses at practice, while also putting in extra time on the court.

“He’s taking the areas where he wasn’t as strong and he’s trying to make those his strengths this year,” Coach Gunn said. “He’s found a way to get better every single day.”

Along with learning how to work hard, Telfair said basketball has helped him make friendships. Regardless, the one thing he loves most about basketball would be dunking on people.

“It’s fun, it gets the crowd pumped up [and it] gets me [and my teammates] pumped up,” Telfair said.