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6 ways to work your winter wardrobe

6 ways to work your winter wardrobe

Maddie Hawes and Kara Rieger

December 17, 2018

It's easy to fall victim to the leggings and sweatshirt everyday trend at KHS when it's cold and dreary out, but one way to lighten the mood is to spice up your look. TKC combined outfits to give you 6 different styles to try with your winter wardrobe. Music:

Update to “disturbing message” left in girls’ bathroom

Maddie Hawes and Jack Rintoul

December 3, 2018

KHS Principal Dr. Mike Havener sent an email to KHS parents concluding the investigation into the recent “disturbing message” written in the girls’ bathroom in the commons. The email said: “The investigation regarding the disturbing message written on the restroom walls in the school is now comp...

Stampede: use this guide to properly navigate KHS

photo courtesy of Kirkwood High School

Maddie Hawes, associate editor

August 24, 2018

  It’s 12:55 p.m., lunch just ended and now you have to sprint to Spanish class. You leave your friends to start down the social studies hallway and you find yourself stuck in a huge clustered mob of wild boars squeezing themselves down the most narrow hallway in the school. Skip the socia...

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