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AP Studio Art Exhibit

Exhibit featuring work from AP Studio Art students from March 10 to April 1 in The Monday Club gallery located at 37 S. Maple Ave in Webster Groves.

Adler Bowman, web editor

March 12, 2019

Chugging shots of espresso and sharpening No. 2 pencils on a breezy May morning, students file into rows of desks to take 3-hour AP exams to receive college credit. The AP Studio Art students, however, spend the morning wrapping their masterpieces and preparing to ship them to the College Board. O...

Turning to Tinder

Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen announced in 2014 that over 7 percent of Tinder users are between the ages of 13 and 17. Because the app requires a minimum age of 18, younger users post a fake age on their profiles. A recent TKC survey found 20 percent (63/318) of KHS students have created an account on an online dating app such as Tinder, Match and Grindr.

Adler Bowman, web editor

March 11, 2019

*This story contains anonymous sources Wanting to surprise herself on her eighteenth birthday, she decided to make some riskier plans than usual. Sophia*, senior, pocketed her pepper spray before sneaking out to a bowling alley to meet a boy she connected with through the social networking app Ti...

How to: college

Emma Lingo and Maddie Meyers

March 4, 2019

Have you started thinking about college yet? TKC sat down with a college counselor and Adler Bowman, KHS senior, to ask about the application process and advice they have for other students. Thinking about the college application process can seem overwhelming, listen to this podcast to hear the breakd...

TKC tries blind makeovers

photo by Kara Rieger

Annie O'Brien, health and wellness editor

February 26, 2019

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Issues: Standardized test prep affordability

photo by Will Rives

Adler Bowman, web editor

October 30, 2018

With a TI-84 calculator and No. 2 pencil trapped in a sweaty grip, high school students across the United States file into freezing classrooms at 8 a.m. on a Saturday to take a test. A test thought to be an equalizer, to level the playing field between college applicants from all schools, ethnicities a...

What did you do over the no homework weekend?

What did you do over the no homework weekend?

Adler Bowman, features editor

April 30, 2018

Every student had the opportunity to experience four days without any school-related obligations during the weekend of Feb. 16. According to Dr. Michael Havener, principal, the concept of the no homework weekend arose from the increasingly high amount of stress teenagers face daily. TKC interviewed stu...

Smashing the glass ceiling: Annika Kline

photo by Mary Ralston

Adler Bowman, features editor

March 15, 2018

Annika Kline, sophomore, has always been a little off-beat. About 30 percent (10/33) of percussionist in the KHS band are female, but Kline is the only girl that played snare drum during the 2017 Pioneer Pride Marching Band season. Kline has been playing percussion since fifth grade, and she said that she is not surprised that she is outnumbe...

TKC tries foreign candy

TKC tries foreign candy

Annie O'Brien, news-features editor

January 26, 2018

TKC decided to head to Global Foods and search for some interesting candy from different countries. What followed was an unusual taste test, to say the least.     Music: Fretless Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativeco...

Can you guess MORE KHS teachers based on their starter packs?

Can you guess MORE KHS teachers based on their starter packs?

Adler Bowman, Izzy Colón, and Jack Rittendale

January 24, 2018

Every teacher has their own quirks, styles and phrases. From science to world language to English departments, how many KHS teachers can you identify? Note: This quiz may not work on all devices, trying viewing the quiz on another device if there are technical difficulties. (function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=...

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