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KHS celebrity look-alikes

KHS celebrity look-alikes

Maddie Meyers, web managing editor

December 11, 2018

Filed under Entertainment

Click click. TKC paparazzi just spotted a famous celebrity walking through the commons. Wait, there is another one studying in the library, and another one pushing through the crowded social studies hall. Is that Lin Manuel Miranda teaching Shakespeare? Unfortunately, these people are not the real stars,...

Family Feud

Family Feud

Annie O'Brien, features writer

January 27, 2017

Filed under Entertainment, Features

Although siblings might not get along all the time, they usually share a bond that is deeper than blood. With plenty of time spent around each other, it is expected that siblings are, to some extent, close. Trevor and Georgia Buchanan, sophomore and junior respectively, said they think they know each...

Strut the halls

Strut the halls

Maddie Hawes, features writer

September 7, 2016

Filed under Entertainment, Features, Top Stories

It’s Monday. You spent all night studying for a huge test today and realize that the bus left thirty minutes ago. What you wear is most likely the last thing on your mind. You throw on a t-shirt and sweatpants, grab your backpack and run.  Most students wear this comfort-over-style look at KHS. However,...

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