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Tentative plans for KHS return to on-campus learning

Dr. David Ulrich, KSD superintendent, announced the administration is planning a return for high school students.
Amara Harper and Lydia Cohen October 18, 2020

Dr. David Ulrich, KSD superintendent, announced the administration is planning a return for high school students during a Board of Education meeting Monday, Oct. 12. Ulrich said he would be meeting with...

Political Issue: Kamala Harris a vehement VP

Harris was selected by Democratic nominee, and former vice president.
Amara Harper, editor-in-chief October 12, 2020

Senator Kamala Harris grew up in Oakland, CA. Her household consisted of  two immigrant parents who became successful academics and taught her to fight for what she believes in, just as they did. According...

KHS announces cancellation of friendship dance

The annual Friendship Dance between KHS and WGHS has been cancelled.
Amara Harper and Tom Mueller October 6, 2020

The annual Friendship Dance between KHS and Webster Groves High School (WGHS) has been cancelled, according to an email sent by Dr. Micheal Havener, KHS principal, and WGHS principal Matt Irvin. The dance...

Senior Profile: Grace Schreiber

“There's a lot KHS has taught me: to be sociable with everyone, to love everyone no matter what,” Schreiber said.
Amara Harper, features writer September 23, 2020

Esthetician: Employee As the third hour bell rings, Grace Schreiber, senior, quickly walks to her car. She hopes her timing is right as she rushes to get to South Tech school. This has been her daily...

Breaking down hooking up

Breaking down hooking up
Amara Harper, features writer September 23, 2020

The hallways at KHS are full of whispers and giggles as the previous weekend’s gossip makes it way around the student body. Snippets of conversations fill the ears of students, many of them about...

Getting involved: Participation in the Black Lives Matter movement this summer

The peace walk was held by Kirkwood Teachers of Color.
Amara Harper, editor-in-chief August 24, 2020

Tear gas. Protesters. Batons. Pepper spray. Arrests. Police Brutality. These calls for action filled the streets of not only St. Louis, but the nation, in the weeks following the death of George Floyd...

Senior Profile: Natalie Scherr

Senior Profile: Natalie Scherr
Amara Harper, features+in-depth editor June 11, 2020

Natalie Scherr is obsessed with movement. As an experienced dancer, she always knew she loved learning about the way her body could move to a beat. However, it wasn’t until high school that she realized...

A split in faith: United Methodist Church Split

Local churches have discussed the topic of the split in different ways.
Amara Harper, features + in-depth editor February 20, 2020

As members of the United Methodist Church walked into their church these past few weeks, they have been met with confusion and discussions over a possible split of their denomination.  In January of...

KHS announces new schedule and homeroom policy

KHS is also making changes to their homeroom policy as of recently.
Amara Harper, Ryleigh Palmer, and Amelia Hurley January 22, 2020

KHS is currently making plans to adapt its schedule to the new Missouri legislation involving the length of the school year. The new legislation prevents Missouri schools from starting until 14 days before...

Helping Hands

Each holiday season, TKC sends out four reporters to speak with four students at KHS.
Sophie Chappell, Amara Harper, Grace Klebe, and Ethan Peter November 20, 2019

For the fourth year in a row, TKC has decided to tackle the Helping Hands project (formerly known as Four Neediest Cases), inspired by St. Louis Post Dispatch’s 100 Neediest Cases features. Each holiday...

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