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AP course dropouts

Megan Cleveland, features writer

September 15, 2017

Top AP Courses Dropped by MEGAN Cleveland  ...

AP test preparations

AP test preparations

Abby Geisz and Kate Hennessey

May 2, 2016

    art by Ava Hughes 1. Avoid last-minute cramming A study by Indiana University of Pennsylvania found 99 percent of their students admitted to cramming before a test or assignment. However, a study by Nate Kornell, a student completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University ...

No ordinary party

No ordinary party

Matthew Capriglione, features writer

December 14, 2015

Imagine a party the day after Christmas. There is no booming music or glowing fluorescent light. Instead, there are volumes of books, oriental tiles and unique artifacts from across the globe. Scan the faces in the crowd; most of them belong to teenagers. But there are also the matured faces of 30...

Clash of the classes

Lindsay Huck and Ali Randazzo

September 30, 2014

Students come out of classes with stabbing headaches, while other wipe drool off their face just in time for the bell to ring.  Some students’ homework planners end up empty every day, while others run out of space to record their assignments by third hour. Learning style obviously varies from student...

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