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VoK: 10.13.17

VoK: 10.13.17

Emma Verrill, Audrey Allison, Chase Kilby, and Kylan Lane

October 13, 2017

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“Getting married was the pivotal moment in my life. Our anniversary is this Saturday, [my husband is] an electrical engineer. I met him in college at the University of Missouri. We met September 16 and we were married the next year [on the same date]. [I love my husband because] he's a good Christian man...

Different name, same game

Different name, same game

Logan Crews, opinions writer

December 9, 2016

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We take note of when they appear on our television screens, magazine covers and radio stations. We buy their over-priced apparel for the mock signatures on the tags. We sacrifice a week’s salary to watch them in concert for a few hours. But as soon their hands slip off the reins of their perfectly ma...

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Audrey Allison