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Is 1D heading back in one direction?

One Direction may be reuniting soon.

Ava Duggin, features writer

June 11, 2020

Lindsey Tomlin, junior, runs out of her bedroom to find her mom. “You’re not gonna believe what is going on,” she said. Tomlin has a smile and tears in her eyes. She has been a self-proclaimed One Direction superfan since fourth grade. One day while scrolling through Instagram, she noticed a video...

Thursday night is the band’s night

Rebecca Friesen, KSD director of bands, plays with her son.

Ava Duggin, features writer

May 14, 2020

It’s 6 p.m. on a Thursday night in “the Wood.” Rebecca Friesen, KSD director of bands, would usually be in downtown Kirkwood enjoying the annual summer concert series. But tonight she stands on her front porch playing her clarinet, with her son playing his trumpet on her left. With concerts and...

Instagram images

Some KHS students want their Instagram accounts to look perfect.

Ava Duggin, features writer

March 24, 2020

It’s the weekend. Taylor Losse, junior, is headed to her friend’s farm. While envisioning the flower field she plans to take pictures in, she looks in the mirror and asks herself, “Have I posted in this outfit before?” She double checks her appearance because after adding a VSCO filter, sh...

12 most underrated Taylor Swift songs

Taylor Swift has released seven studio albums over the course of her career.

Ava Duggin, features writer

March 2, 2020

About 13 years ago Taylor Swift released her first song. After years and years of writing songs about star-crossed lovers and boys she will “never ever, ever, ever” date again, Swift’s career dazzles on. Swift has recently been recognized as “Artist of the Decade,” released “Lover” her 7th studio album, celebrated her 30th birthday, and just released “Miss Ameri...

Why Disney World is the “best” place on Earth

Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL has four distinct theme parks.

Ava Duggin and Emma Patt

February 26, 2020

For decades, Walt Disney World has been known as the “happiest” and “most magical” place on Earth. But there is definitely someone out there who would rather visit a beach, or Europe or maybe even Disney’s rival Universal Orlando. However, with its four diverse theme parks, each perfectly organized...

Sisters by chance, teammates by choice

Isabella Knopfel, sophomore, and Olivia Knopfel, senior, pose after the Turkey Day game.

Ava Duggin, features writer

December 21, 2019

6:30 a.m.: Isabella Knopfel’s, sophomore, alarm goes off. 7 a.m.: Olivia Knopfel’s, senior, alarm goes off. 7:20 a.m.: Isabella eats oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, and goes to school. 7:20 a.m.: Olivia eats cereal (or a protein bar depending on time) for breakfast, and goes to school ...

Which main “High School Musical” character are you?

Find out which

Ava Duggin, features writer

December 11, 2019

Quiz does not appear on mobile app. Whether you’ve seen all the movies a million times, are currently viewing the new “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” series on Disney Plus, or haven’t watched any, there’s a main “High School Musical” character like you. Although you may...

KHS Senior Cheer Quotes

Senior cheerleaders say they're excited for their last Turkey Day.

Ava Duggin, features writer

November 27, 2019

Senior cheerleaders were asked what their favorite Turkey Day memory is, and what makes cheerleading on Turkey Day special.

More than a poofy skirt and curls

“[Irish dance] definitely strengthens my nerves and helps calm my brain down,” Morgan Hooker, freshman, said. “I’m stressed with school too, so I can use some of the techniques that I use at dance with school. Without Irish dance I don’t think I’d be as mentally strong.”

Ava Duggin, features writer

October 8, 2019

People commonly misjudge Irish dance as easy, but for Morgan Hooker, freshman, it is quite the opposite.

If you were a teacher, what kind would you be?

Katie Hall, math teacher, teaches algebra to sophomores and freshman.

Ava Duggin, features writer

October 3, 2019

From the kind that plays early 2000’s pop songs while your working on your math packet to the one that everyone is praying will retire, take this quiz to find out what kind of teacher you would be.

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