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Sanders travels to St. Louis looking to win Missouri primaries

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders traveled to Missouri Monday, March 9 and spoke to a crowd at Stifel Theatre.

Kate Schreiber, features writer

March 11, 2020

 “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!”  A crowd chanted and waved blue and white signs reading the name of presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as he took the stage Monday, March 9 at the Stifel Theatre. The senator addressed the crowd, hoping to encourage one of the largest voter turn...

Biden talks unity and defeating Trump in St. Louis rally

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks to the crowd of spectators waving campaign signs.

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer

March 8, 2020

Vibrant blue signs reading “Missouri for Biden” dominated the former Vice President’s campaign rally at Kiener Plaza held Saturday, March 7.  Presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed the crowd in front of the Old Courthouse around 12:30 p.m.  He took the stage after introductions by a n...

Fast facts of the 2020 election

Read up on the current standings of the 2020 presidential election.

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer

December 13, 2019

Although it is only December, campaigning for the 2020 presidential election began almost a year ago. With 15 Democrats, three Republicans and a constant stream of election coverage, it can be confusing to know where to look for what information. Below, everything is condensed to the basic facts, so don’t ...

New: TKC politics

New: TKC politics

TKC staff

July 30, 2016

Due to the upcoming presidential election, TKC is devoting a section to politics this year.  Expect to see staff opinions, research on the candidates, issues and results of the election season. Check in throughout the year to stay up to date on all of the latest political news.

The race to Washington

The race to Washington

Ryan Davidson, design editor

March 28, 2016

President William Henry Harrison was inarguably our first truly great chief executive. Who’s to say he wasn’t great? He held office for only 32 days, so he really had no time to mess things up. President James Buchanan nearly did the impossible in attempting to avoid an inevitable Civil War, and...

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