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One meal at a time

Members of Gateway Christian Church prepared to send food to Haiti and other countries, to feed children in need

Kailey Shirrell, opinions writer

November 19, 2019

Tables are stacked with rice, soy, and vegetables, while bags lie everywhere and big tubs of packed food line the walls. Cheerful voices echo around the room as people sort and package the different foods. These are the members of Gateway Christian Church preparing to send food to Haiti and other countries, to feed chil...

KHS teachers react to Snapchat

KHS teachers react to Snapchat

Maisie Bradley, sports writer

September 7, 2016

94 percent (100/106) of KHS students surveyed have used Snapchat, but only 34 percent (14/41) of KHS teachers surveyed have. TKC decided to see how teachers react to Snapchat for the first time.

Teacher celebrity look-alikes

Teacher celebrity look-alikes

Alyssa Fox, web staff

September 6, 2016

From Buzz Lightyear to Edna Mode to Dwight Eisenhower, KHS staff may be some of our favorite on-screen stars' long-lost twins.   Gina Muller, Spanish teacher- Edna Mode from "The Incredibles" While Sra. Muller may not design supersuits, she sure knows how make English a second language...

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