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Plugged in, checked out

Constant dependence on technology can both connect society and isolate individuals.

Megan Glasgow, features writer

March 24, 2020

“Hey, [how are you]?” “Fine.” “Are you okay?” “Yes.” “Ok.” The next message JJ Penn, junior, received was a breakup text, sent with a few clicks on a screen in the middle of the night. They almost never talked in person and Penn said conversations always seemed deeper with her over text anyway. Penn spends eigh...

Lizz Terry, junior and Khalil Webb, freshman: dating for four months

Kiden-Aloyse Smith, copy editor

February 21, 2020

  They lived only seven minutes away from each other. Both juniors; one at KHS, one at WGHS, both attended the Friendship Dance separately and a year later, they met on Tumblr.  Molly Sheridan, senior, and Quinn Coffman, senior at WGHS, met each other on Tumblr after Coffman liked a post of...

Top five in-depth stories of 2019

Our staff does not shy away from the hard-hitting issues and, this year, our staff has investigated issues ranging from the achievement gap in KSD to the preparedness of students in the event of an active shooter.

TKC Staff

December 23, 2019

TKC staff has covered important issues affecting the students at KHS and used several stories to dig into these topics. Our staff does not shy away from the hard-hitting issues and, this year, our staff has investigated issues ranging from the achievement gap in KSD to the preparedness of students i...

Be home soon

In 2017, 3,166 people were killed as a result of distracted driving.

Kate Schreiber, features writer

November 1, 2019

While distracted driving has declined since 2016, there is still a problem. Missouri is one of two states that has not completely banned texting and driving.

The Brain Issue: Mirror image

Grace Fearheiley, health + wellness editor

October 28, 2019

12% (43/345) of KHS students reported having an eating disorder. Read about eating disorders here.

More hope for MO

The food in the brain represents how the brain is fueled by food.

Jack Anderson, features + in-depth editor

October 15, 2019

Childhood hunger affects children's physical and mental health. Different Missouri organizations have raised money, organized donations and started new meal programs to eliminate this problem.

The power of stereotypes

Sophie Chappell, features writer

April 11, 2019

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I’ve never had sex. I could chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been single for a while, or that the people I dated weren’t “the one” but the truth is, I’m scared. Scared of caring about the relationship more than my partner.  This isn’t an u...

Family event survival guide

I learned how to survive, and I want to help you do the same.

Sophie Chappell, features writer

April 8, 2019

While family events may be enjoyable for those who consider themselves to be extroverts, that’s not the case for everyone. Personally, I’ve spent the majority of my time at my relative's houses hiding in the bathroom or playing on my phone, hoping that no one asks how “I’m really doing” or...

TKC tries a guessing game

Liam Jackson and Sophie Chappell, juniors. play a guessing game.

Annie O'Brien, health and wellness editor

March 6, 2019

8 TKC staffers try to determine what a mysterious object is. Watch as they get confused, grossed out and eventually learn what they have been looking at. Music courtesy of Purple Planet Music...

Top five art pieces of 2018

Student journalist opinions on the New York Times anonymous op-ed

TKC Staff

January 2, 2019

Issues: Stereotypes of a black woman - art by Bismah Syed Policing the minority with the majority - art by Catherine McCandless The 'N' Word - art by Thora Pearson Student journalist opinions on The New York Times op-ed - art by Maggie Burton Comments: heartfelt or #fakelove? - art by Grace Ferguson...

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Bismah Syed