The Kirkwood Call

“Dear World”

Sha'Diya Tomlin, features writer

May 4, 2017

"Dear World", a poem written and performed by Sha'Diya Tomlin, is about growing up in America as a black child. It is a young black girl's letter asking for acceptance.

White privilege: realizing the world is light

In a world of color, white meets black.

Khalea Edwards, features writer

December 9, 2016

It wasn't until second grade that I realized the challenges of being black. As I stood in line waiting for lunch, a classmate looked at me with worry in her eyes and said,  "Khalea, [my friend] doesn't like your skin color." At just 7 years old, I was confused. I remember asking myself how and why someone...

‘The Divide.’ – Achievement Gap

'The Divide.' - Achievement Gap

Anna Mullendore, features writer

March 12, 2015

*Disclaimer: The people selected to be interviewed were chosen on the basis of their races, ages, genders, and titles, as a way to showcase a variety of perspectives on the topic.

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