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Photo gallery: The Arsonists

Gottlieb Biedermann (Jared Goudsmit, junior) and his wife Babette (Sarah Morgan, senior) have prepared and set the table for their two rather suspicious house guests, Schmitz (Simon Welge, senior) and Eisenring (Dominic Bottom, senior). These two men have been suspected to be arsonists, due to many questionable acts including rolling drums of explosive liquids into the house. However, Biedermann doesn't say a thing.

Kelley Cochran, photographer

January 29, 2018

  For over 2 months, a group of actors and actresses along with a backstage crew have worked to build and put on the KHS black box show, The Arsonists. Directed by Kelly Schnider, KH Players director,  this is one of the four shows the KH Players puts on during the 2017-18 school year. "Every...

Senior profile: Abbie Jones

Senior profile: Abbie Jones

Justin Sweeney, features writer

May 12, 2016

All of the lights, sounds and transitions that happen during a KHS play or musical occur because of KH Players’ president and stage manager Abbie Jones. Every time the cast has rehearsal, Abbie is backstage creating props, choosing cues and taking detailed notes in the script. According to Abbie, st...

Photo gallery: Arabian Nights

Sarah Blair, sophomore, and Taylor Anderson, freshman, lay dead after the assassin killed them.

Gabi Baker, photographer

February 2, 2015

Arabian Nights, the freshman and sophomore play, was held in the Blackbox Theatre at Kirkwood High School, Jan. 29-31 at 7 p.m. "My favorite part of Arabian Nights was definitely the cast," Tiffany Jordan, sophomore said.

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