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History of blackface

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License.

Naomi Blair, news writer

December 6, 2016

Blackface is when people who are not black darken their face in order portray corrupted images of blacks, according to PBS. Blackface is used to mock black people in public. While this is an issue, many students at KHS do not know what blackface is or the history behind it. Below is a timeline depicting...

KHS administration addresses alleged blackface incident

KHS administration addresses alleged blackface incident

Kennady Wade, editor-in-chief

October 17, 2016

Two KHS students exited their science class with black charcoal substance smeared on their face Oct. 6. Several classmates were offended by the charcoal’s similarity to blackface  (makeup traditionally used by a non-black performer to appear black to imply patronization of blacks) and went to administ...

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