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Top 5 most common fears: illustrated

Heights: Don't look down.


Lily Bartin, features writer

October 30, 2018


KYS November blood drive

KYS November blood drive

Camille Baker, features editor

November 2, 2016

Kirkwood Youth Service (KYS), led by Robert Becker, club sponsor, hosted a blood drive in the Denver Miller Gym Nov. 1. KHS students 16 and older signed up for various time slots from 8-2. Sixteen-year-old students were required to print out a signed parent permission form and bring it to their appo...

KYS hosts annual blood drive to save lives

KYS hosts annual blood drive to save lives

Emily Mitchell, news writer

October 27, 2014

KYS will host their annual blood drive at Kirkwood High School in the Denver Miller gym Oct. 29,2014. The event will be all day on a Wednesday in order to allow students to give blood during homeroom. KYS members went around the school to each homeroom in order to sign people up to give blood this past...

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