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Photo gallery: photo spread issue 5 teachers recreate vintage pictures

Shawn Owens

photo staff

December 10, 2018

TKC photographers recreated teachers' pictures from their childhoods.  

Senior profile: Kate Schwegmann

Senior profile: Kate Schwegmann

Mary Ralston, photographer

May 15, 2018

She walked into an exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center when she was 6 years old, not knowing what laid beneath a person’s skin. Admiring the displayed human remains that rested before her, her eyes gleamed hinting a spark of interest. After discovering her love for human anatomy, Kate Schwegmann’s, ...

Photo gallery: SAAW speaker

Bob Becker, chemistry teacher, listens to Dana Veasman talk about sexual assault.

Kara Rieger, photographer

February 28, 2018

The Coalition Club hosted guest speaker Dana Veasman and Carolyn Compton for Sexual Assault Awareness Week Friday, Feb. 23. Veasman works as a crisis intervention specialist for Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments (ALIVE). When victims call in, Veasman tries to get them into a safe place throu...

(Canned) food for thought

(Canned) food for thought

Melanie Witt, news-features writer

December 1, 2016

The school-wide canned food drive organized by Kirkwood Youth Service (KYS) started Nov. 28 and will continue until Dec. 7. Cans are collected in second period classes and the class with the highest average number of cans per student will win. Students can also donate money instead of cans ($1 counts...

KYS November blood drive

KYS November blood drive

Camille Baker, features editor

November 2, 2016

Kirkwood Youth Service (KYS), led by Robert Becker, club sponsor, hosted a blood drive in the Denver Miller Gym Nov. 1. KHS students 16 and older signed up for various time slots from 8-2. Sixteen-year-old students were required to print out a signed parent permission form and bring it to their appo...



Mimi Wright, in-depth editor

January 21, 2016

He eats meat and fish and gathers berries and nuts for survival. He lives off of a healthy dose of bright fruits and green vegetables. Though this may sound like a caveman, in reality it is Bob Becker on the Paleo diet. Becker, chemistry teacher, has been on the Paleo diet for about a year and a half now.  He heard about ...

Take all the ribbons you want

This is what confusion looks like.

Chloë King, web staff

May 12, 2015

So, a few months ago, I won one of ten Academy of Science Honors Division scholarship, which was the product of several months of work, lots of nerves, around 100 dollars, and many prepared presentations. Last weekend, I received one of two total SunEdison scholarships, which was the product of bringing...

KYS hosts annual blood drive to save lives

KYS hosts annual blood drive to save lives

Emily Mitchell, news writer

October 27, 2014

KYS will host their annual blood drive at Kirkwood High School in the Denver Miller gym Oct. 29,2014. The event will be all day on a Wednesday in order to allow students to give blood during homeroom. KYS members went around the school to each homeroom in order to sign people up to give blood this past...

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