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Mind games

Mind games

Megan Cleveland, features writer

April 23, 2018

She sits across the room and watches as her student trembles in their chair. Long sleeves cover the students scarred arms and the talk of suicide consumes the room. For Ceci Bodet, education support counselor, this is just one of the many conversations she hears at KHS. Bodet works for a school based...

Searching for the solution

Ceci Bodet, Educational Support Conselor

Adele Baughman, copy editor

December 1, 2016

Reduced anxiety, relieved tension and a harmless experiment. According to Addiction Center, these are the false expectations people have of heroin. Since 2013, six deaths among KHS students and alumni have occurred with speculations of drug abuse. Ceci Bodet, educational support counselor for Altern...

Poppin’ the happy pills

Poppin' the happy pills

Anna Mullendore, health & wellness editor

February 28, 2016

“People with depression are just overly sad. Get some sleep, you’ll feel better. Depression isn’t really an illness.” These are just some of the misconceptions that lead to stigmas according to Tom Gaither-Ganim, KHS educational support counselor. These stigmas are apparent in both the mental ...

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