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Kirkwood High School student newspaper

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Kirkwood High School student newspaper

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Cars pass Stomp the World as they drive down Gravois Avenue in St. Louis.

Stomp the world

Aine Bradley, features writer May 20, 2021

The children crowded the bottom of the escalator while they stepped on the moving steps of the escalator as the bustle of the baseball game created a hum of noise behind them and the hot St. Louis summer...

Maddie Domian tends to children with cancer by gifting them a Katie-Do Kare Kit each month.

Touching hearts one Katie-Do Kare Kit at a time

Caroline Steidley, opinions writer January 13, 2021

Maddie Domian’s aunt was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. When Maddie heard this, she knew she couldn’t just sit around and watch, hence the start of Katie-Do Kare Kits.  Maddie’s aunt passed away...

Ready Readers is a nonprofit organization working to enhance the literacy of children in the St. Louis region.

The power of literacy

Sim Khanuja, opinions writer December 9, 2020

Reading to a classroom of wide-eyed, eager preschool children is a weekly occurrence for Angela Sears Spittal. As the book unfolds, the preschoolers tell stories, sing songs, laugh and give high-fives....

When the pandemic hit, the family’s already tight financial situation worsened. The one thing keeping their spirits up day by day is the thought of a new arrival to the family.

Helping hands: Additions

Amara Harper, editor-in-chief December 1, 2020

Their day starts early each morning, as their mom wakes up to get the family ready for the day before she leaves for her nearly 12-hour shift at work. By the time she gets home, she barely has enough time...

Jack’s family hopes to have the scholarship fully funded by this spring.

The Jack Fearn Memorial Scholarship for Technical Theater

Lilly Anderson, features writer December 8, 2019

Jack Fearn could usually be found in Keating Theater greeting every audience member and making every performance possible with his nose in the soundboard. This was his passion: technical theater. No show...

Students create posters for the upcoming feminine hygiene product drive during a Coalition Club meeting Nov. 14.

At your service: Ways to give back at KHS

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer December 2, 2019

Once the school day ends at 2:40 p.m., it’s expected that the parking lots will clear and the classrooms will empty. However, this is far from reality; KHS offers many clubs and organizations to get...

Two kids stand on the runway and pose for a picture during an annual Fashion Show FOKWC hosts.

Finding a friend

Lydia Cohen, social media managing editor December 2, 2019

Lori Zucker’s life changed June 2009. Her daughter, Arianna, was diagnosed with a nerve cell cancer called neuroblastoma at 3 years old, and nothing was like before. They spent more time in the hospital...

Items wanted by family members featured in the Four Neediest Cases.

Four neediest cases

Emma Lingo, Sophie Chappell, Claire Boysen, and Kiden Smith December 4, 2018

For the third year in a row, TKC has decided to tackle the Four Neediest Cases project, inspired by St. Louis Post Dispatch’s 100 Neediest Cases features. Each holiday season, TKC sends out four staffers...

art by Lizzie Stobbe

Four neediest cases: 2011

Sophie Chappell, features writer December 4, 2018

2011 brought change to their life. It began with their mother’s death and continued with a move to their aunt’s house in the city. “My mom died when I was 9 years old,” they said. “They were...

Kirkwood cares for Kirk Care

Kirkwood cares for Kirk Care

Lydia Cohen, web staff November 30, 2018

She was at a loss. As a single mom recently diagnosed with cancer, she was struggling to balance funds between daily needs and treatments. Her utility bills were late, and she could not afford to put food...

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