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Daniel Kim, features writer

February 2, 2018

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Laoshi (老师) is the Chinese word for “teacher.” It is word that has become a part of Edrin Chen. A word she holds dearly to her heart. Born and raised in Taiwan, Chen is fluent in Chinese, Taiwanese and English. Chen, Chinese teacher, started the Chinese program at KHS in 2011 and currently teac...

Senior Profile: Tiffany Jordan

Senior Profile: Tiffany Jordan

Malayna Vines, photographer

May 9, 2017

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As she was scrolling through emails over spring break, Tiffany Jordan screamed so loudly her father thought someone had broken into their condo. What he did not know was Tiffany just received an email from her dream school: University of California, Los Angeles. Tiffany toured numerous schools acr...

Who is Chen Laoshi?

Who is Chen Laoshi?

Bradley Fargo, entertainment editor

October 8, 2014

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Observe a huddled graduate student, fresh off the plane— exhausted and ravenous. She speaks fluent Taiwanese and is equipped with a voice and personality that captivated the rush hour traffic of the Gaoxiong region of Taiwan for four years, but no one gives a hoot. She is alone but for one friend in America for the two years it will take to earn a degree. She can’t speak English conversationally. Today, 16 years l...

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