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Senior Profile: Emmanuel Morgan

Emmanuel Morgan snaps along to the rhythm of the song. Photo courtesy of Emmanuel Morgan.

Tom Mueller, sports editor

June 22, 2020

Spotlights illuminating the piano and drum set onstage contrasted the Fox Theater audience shadowed in darkness. A wave of anticipation rippled throughout the crowd, building into thundering applause following the host’s introduction of the next act: Consecrated. Clad in white tuxedos, Emmanuel Morgan, now ...

KHS vocal jazz performs at Millikin University’s annual vocal jazz festival

KHS vocal jazz performs at Millikin University's annual vocal jazz festival

Maddie Hawes, web editor

February 19, 2018

The KHS coed vocal jazz chorus, Kaleidoscope, and all girl’s vocal jazz chorus, Prism, performed in the 29th annual Vocal Jazz Festival at Kirkland Fine Arts Center at Millikin University, Feb. 17. Each chorus along with other vocal jazz groups from high schools around the state sang a set of 3 so...

Spring Choral Finale concert

Spring Choral Finale concert

Annie Murphy, managing editor

May 10, 2017

Joining together to sing as one for the last time this year, the A Cappella Concert Choir, Women’s Chorus and Men’s Voice Class performed Monday, May 8 at 7:00 p.m. The Women’s Chorus and Men’s Voice Class went on stage first, singing a total of five songs. The A Cappella Concert Choir then san...

Best of Broadway and a taste of jazz

Best of Broadway and a taste of jazz

Ellie Cassidy, photographer

February 10, 2017

The Best of Broadway and a Taste of Jazz (BOBTOJ) concert was held in the Keating Theater February 3, 2017. Kaleidoscope, Prism, Women’s, Men’s and A Cappella choir performed alongside 10 solos, one duet and 3 small solos in A Cappella's medley of Into the Woods. “I look forward to BOBTOJ every...

Moonwalking on sunshine: 300 word features: Davon Tate

Moonwalking on sunshine: 300 word features: Davon Tate

Camille Baker, features editor

February 1, 2017

His feet glide across the kitchen floor as he bobs his head up and down, blissing out to the music humming in his ears. Singing into an empty paper towel roll, Davon mimics the trademark moves of one of his favorite artists.   Ever since he first noticed Michael Jackson’s signature dance...

Vocal jazz concert

Vocal jazz concert

Ellie Cassidy, photographer

April 28, 2016

Members of Kirkwood's Vocal Jazz ensembles Kaleidoscope and Prism sing at their final concert of the school year April 21. Bella Boshara, Addie Gaither-Ganim, Maggie Herwig, Andrew Johnson, Sarah Jones, Christina Koch, Sam Lopate, Sarah Manley, Jack Murphy, Christine Stewart, Emma Sward, Dylan Wilfong...

Senior profile: Shyniece Smith

Senior profile: Shyniece Smith

Katie Woodruff, news writer

April 13, 2015

Tears rolled down David Cannon’s face as he listened to Shyniece Smith belt out the final notes of the closing number from The Color Purple for the Best of Broadway, Taste of Jazz, BOBTOJ, solo auditions a  this past December. He looked up at Shyniece and remembered the outspoken freshman her once k...

Choir’s fall choral

Above are the three GAPP students who participated in the fall choral.

Emma McNail, features writer

October 27, 2014

KHS's Chamber and A Cappella choirs held their first concert of the year, their fall choral, on Oct. 14. The concert was led by David Cannon, choral director, and a total of 66 students performed. The show was accompanied by Lori Wehrman on piano and Gregory Booth, the sound and lighting technical...

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