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Dr. Havener advises freshmen to get involved in extracurriculars at KHS.

Dr. Havener’s advice for freshmen

Lily Bartin, web editor August 25, 2020

The transition into high school can feel daunting, and with the shift to online learning the change may seem all the more overwhelming. But as bad as freshman year is made out to be, with a bit of guidance...

There are always opportunities to expand your horizons and meet new people. From Anime Club to Youth in Government, there are over 55 clubs to try out at KHS!

Getting involved

Nathan Sweeney, features writer August 24, 2020

Everyone loves to give the annoyingly vague advice to “get involved” in some sort of extracurricular at school, but they conveniently never want to help you decide what to get involved in. Luckily,...

Students create posters for the upcoming feminine hygiene product drive during a Coalition Club meeting Nov. 14.

At your service: Ways to give back at KHS

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer December 2, 2019

Once the school day ends at 2:40 p.m., it’s expected that the parking lots will clear and the classrooms will empty. However, this is far from reality; KHS offers many clubs and organizations to get...

Let's go clubbing

Let’s go clubbing

Bridget Killian, Art Editor August 20, 2017

From the moment you enter KHS as a freshman to your last first day of school as a senior, the teachers and administration have told you to get involved. There are many ways to participate at KHS including...

Photo Illustration by Abbey Painter

Fight for the right

Jack Rintoul, opinions writer April 6, 2017

In Dr. Lisa Autry’s immaculate chemistry-filled classroom, students from all sides of the Conservative spectrum unite every Wednesday to openly express their views without fear of criticism. With guests...

Glory through the story

Glory through the story

Lany Borella, features writer March 7, 2017

It can be loud, it’s right after school, sometimes it turns into yelling, and Madison Pratt is among the group of people all trying to get a word in. When she first came to Ellipsis, the club was quiet....

Clubbing to the beat of a different drum

Clubbing to the beat of a different drum

Robson Ali, opinions writer October 5, 2015

At KHS there seems to be a trend. Every year clubs spring up seemingly out of nowhere, revolving around some bizarre concept that makes me doubt there are many clubs like them outside these walls. clubs...

Five most underrated clubs at KHS

Five most underrated clubs at KHS

Matt Small, web staff September 15, 2015

KHS is littered with many obscure clubs, many of which do charity work for the school or community.   Created by Xorge Hernandez, the One Flag club creates awareness of cultures present at KHS and...

Coming down from the sugar rush

Coming down from the sugar rush

Claire Wever, photographer March 13, 2015

At the beginning of this year, several KHS clubs, including French Club and Mission Compassion, had to stop selling packaged candy bars as a result of a federal law called the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids...

Clubs Uncovered: K-Word

Clubs Uncovered: K-Word

Ali Randazzo and Emma McNail February 2, 2015

K-Word, KHS’s slam poetry team, meets every Thursday in Mr. Pioter’s room. There they write poetry, edit each other’s poems and share them. They draw inspiration from each other as well as their...

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