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Which upcoming concert should you go to?

Discover what upcoming concert in St. Louis you should buy tickets for.

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer

October 30, 2019

Grab your Nike Air Force 1s, save your money and clear your phone storage — you’re going to a concert. There are plenty to buy tickets to, and whether you want a mellow night in a smaller setting or thousands of fans screaming alongside you, St. Louis has it all. So, the real question is, which one...

Enterprise Center implements new clear bag policy

Enterprise Center implemented a new clear bag policy. Bags over a certain size must be clear, such as the fanny pack pictured above.

Ally Ortmann, associate editor

September 18, 2019

The Enterprise Center has implemented a new clear bag policy in an attempt to increase visitor safety.

Stay tuned St. Louis

Stay tuned St. Louis

Ainsley Fox, entertainment writer

November 7, 2017

St. Louis is a hub for all kinds of music, from Chuck Berry, pioneer of rock and roll, to superstar rapper Nelly, St. Louis hits on all music spectrums. To truly experience this community, concerts are the way to go. The Drums Indie pop band transformed to one-man act, The Drums, is taking star J...

Concerts you can’t miss

Concerts you can't miss

Emma Lingo, news-features writer

September 11, 2017

Over the next six months various A-list artists will be coming to St. Louis to share their music and perform live. This is a brief overview of what is to come.

Seven STL must-dos before you graduate

Seven STL must-dos before you graduate

Erin Kelly, managing editor

May 8, 2017

With only three days left in my high school career and about three months before I head to Middlebury College in Vermont, it’s impossible not to reminisce about my time here in Kirkwood. I’ve made some great memories, doing everything from organizing a recreational basketball team with TKC friends to visiting the Gateway Arch with family. Before I leave, I’d like ...

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