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Photo Gallery: talent show

Holden Ave, Connor Fiehler and Jack Kathriner, seniors, perform

Sophia Beckmann and De Lila Green

November 11, 2019

The student council hosted their annual talent show Wednesday Nov. 6. Ten acts varied in musical performances and dancing. Kate Reynolds placed first, Avery Hardin and Accompaniments placed second, and brothers Demari Taneh and Giabari Taneh placed third. “I like how nervous everybody is, and w...

Music to my ears

Madelynn Gartland and Avery Rhoades perform with School of Rock.

Paisley Regester, features writer

December 13, 2018

A passion for music can take many forms for students at KHS. Whether they are solo musicians, in bands or members of private music programs, performing both for online communities and live in front of thousands, these four KHS students never want to stop doing what they love: making music. Madelyn...

The fight for more time

Celia Bergman

Wolfgang Frick, web staffer

January 25, 2018

Every morning, Connor Fiehler, sophomore, rolls out of bed and pedals the half-mile trek to KHS on his bike. He sits through English, French, chemistry, precalculus—all honors—and AP US History. When the school day is over, he hops back on his bike, goes home and does his homework. He answers the ma...

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Connor Fiehler