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A self-portrait that shows the ups and downs of the past year

Juxtaposition – Liv Timp

Liv Timp, artist May 17, 2021

COVID-19 brought me so much bad, and good. But it was hard to see through the negatives that came with living through a pandemic at 16. Dealing with anti-maskers or COVID-19 deniers (sometimes in my family),...

Sometimes its best to simply pause and admire the things right in front of you.

Pause – Thao-Vi Do

Thao-Vi Do, artist May 5, 2021

These past 14 months have allowed me to truly pause and appreciate the little things even though it did take some adjusting and perseverance. Without being able to see my friends and go places, these last...

These eyes tell a story when you observe them closely. If you look in the reflection of the eye you can see some of the things that freshmen have missed out on this year due to COVID-19 including: Watching school sports, pep rallies, assemblies and exen meeting new people  and having conversations.

Through the eyes of a freshman

Lila Shepard, features writer May 3, 2021

Stay on the first floor instead of going up because upstairs is confusing; then go left, right, right, left. Repeating these words in her head as she entered the school building, Sydney Martine, freshman,...

Due to COVID-19, teens have to throw discreet parties and refrain from posting about their latest vacations to avoid getting canceled by their peers. Despite the drama the virus has generated, there is only one question left that trumps all others: Who had it worse, the class of 2020 or the class of 2021?

We see you, class of 2020

Amelia Hurley, editor-in-chief February 15, 2021

This piece is entirely satirical.   COVID-19 is a joke. The obviously fake virus only affects the elderly, which is why not a single teenager has contracted it. The so-called disease has altered...

The fine art department at KHS has continued to produce art during the COVID-19 pandemic. With some students now returning in-person, certain activities require new specified masks.

COVID-19 comparisons

Kate Schreiber, Molly Higgins, and Olivia Silvey January 11, 2021

We wanted to know how learning during the pandemic looked different for students across St. Louis County, and how it compares to KHS. After reaching out to several area high schools through a Google Form,...

Olivia Silvey, senior, demonstrates the effectiveness of a KN95 mask against a lighters flame.

TKC compares masks

Amelia Hurley, editor-in-chief December 14, 2020

After discussing the effectiveness of masks in large groups, Dr. Michael Havener, KHS principal, mentioned a test to compare different kinds of masks. According to NPR, attempting to blow out a flame while...

Students sit behind dividers as a precaution to stop the spread of COVID-19 amidst the return to in-person learning.

VoK collection: Return to in-person learning

Lily Bartin, Mia Alexander, Ava Duggin, Mya Copeland, and Maya Kim November 11, 2020

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in St. Louis County, Kirkwood High School has begun to make the transition back to in-person learning. With mask mandates, desk dividers and socially distancing rules...

Robinson Elementary School will be switching to e-Learning for 2 weeks due to 30% of staff members needing to quarantine from COVID-19 exposure and seven individuals testing positive.

COVID-19 cases lead to school closure at Robinson Elementary School

Lydia Cohen and Kate Schreiber November 10, 2020

Robinson Elementary School will be switching to e-Learning for two weeks, until Monday, Nov. 23. The decision to go back to a virtual model came as multiple individuals either tested positive, or were...

With the Board of Education set to approve a plan for middle and high school to return to in-person learning, TKC has reviewed how KSD has handled the pandemic since March. Of TKC staff, 88% (57/65) believe KSD has not handled the pandemic in the best way possible for the community.

Call Ed: KSD, you have failed us

TKC Staff October 25, 2020

Since March 13, KSD students have operated according to our district administration's decisions regarding our education in the pandemic. From the announcement of online school on March 26, to the closure...

The annual Friendship Dance between KHS and WGHS has been cancelled.

KHS announces cancellation of friendship dance

Amara Harper and Tom Mueller October 6, 2020

The annual Friendship Dance between KHS and Webster Groves High School (WGHS) has been cancelled, according to an email sent by Dr. Micheal Havener, KHS principal, and WGHS principal Matt Irvin. The dance...

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