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Photo Gallery: varsity pommie practice

Alyssa Kistler, freshman, gets asked COVID-19 questions before starting practice.

De Lila Green, photo editor

September 27, 2020

Practicing for any sport is difficult with COVID-19 restrictions, but for the varsity pommie team it is extra challenging. For them, it was a given that they would not have any crowds to perform to, yet the pommies still practice every Tuesday and Thursday and learn new dances. Some, like Ella Legear,...

Photo Gallery: Coronavirus

Tillman is one of the many elementary schools that is closing their property.

Annie George and De Lila Green

May 2, 2020

The coronavirus has drastically changed the way people are living all over the world. With stay-at-home orders, many cities look like a ghost town. All over Covid-19 is affecting the lives of many. Mike Wade, 2022 class principle, stated the ways he's seen coronavirus impact himself, and others. "It...

Photo Gallery: smiles of Kirkwood

Asher Weinberg, junior.

De Lila Green, photographer

March 2, 2020

This photo gallery is a combination of pictures taken of students and staff at KHS smiling. The people were chosen at random and simply asked to smile at the camera. The gallery is meant to capture happiness and positivity around KHS. "Seeing a face with a smile on it always brings me joy,” Sarah...

A day in the life: Mia Coronado

While some people are still pressing snooze on their alarms, Mia Coronado, senior, meets three other KHS students and they drive 20 minutes to their first class of the day at the CAPS campus.

Grace Fearheiley, health + wellness editor

February 25, 2020

It’s 7 a.m. While some people are still pressing snooze on their alarms, Mia Coronado, senior, meets three other KHS students and they drive 20 minutes to their first class of the day at the CAPS campus. These four are a part of the St. Louis Centers for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) engi...

Photo Gallery: Mr. KHS

Nathan Demetri, senior, celebrates the moment he was announced as Mr. KHS.

De Lila Green, Photographer

February 8, 2020

Mr. KHS was held Jan. 30 in the Keating Theatre. A pageant type event where boys representing different clubs get on stage and perform different tasks in hopes of winning over the judges and the audience. "I was only nervous right before I went on stage," Quinn Millstone, sophomore, who was representing...

Photo Gallery: the St. Louis Aquarium

The illuminated exhibit contains jelly fish and other glowing animals.

De Lila Green, photographer

January 20, 2020

"I've been to [an aquarium] in Canada," Christy, a visitor of the aquarium, said. "I loved seeing the sharks [and] being able to see them move around and how they interacted with the other fish."

Photo Gallery: pep rally Nov. 26

The junior sections sings along to

Sophia Beckmann and De Lila Green

November 30, 2019

The annual in school KHS fall pep rally was held Nov. 26. The students watched seniors skits, danced to the band, and screamed their classes battle cries. "I really like being able to feel like I'm apart of the excitement around pep rallies, being that I'm there to pump up the crowd," Gabrielle Cannon,...

Photo Gallery: talent show

Holden Ave, Connor Fiehler and Jack Kathriner, seniors, perform

Sophia Beckmann and De Lila Green

November 11, 2019

The student council hosted their annual talent show Wednesday Nov. 6. Ten acts varied in musical performances and dancing. Kate Reynolds placed first, Avery Hardin and Accompaniments placed second, and brothers Demari Taneh and Giabari Taneh placed third. “I like how nervous everybody is, and w...

Photo Gallery: 5th hour ceramics class

The bowl of left over clay from the 5th period projects sits in the back of the room.

De Lila Green, Photographer

October 2, 2019

In ceramics class students learn to work with clay in many ways, and this week they learned about scoring. Jason Hoeing, the ceramics teacher, taught the students how to connect the pieces of clay together.  "Ceramics is very relaxing and fun," Henry Lange, sophomore, said. "We have been working on...

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