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Things to do around St. Louis in the winter

Photo courtesy of the Creative Commons License

Melanie Witt, copy editor

November 20, 2017

With winter approaching and temperatures drastically falling, it may seem as though you are stuck indoors for months. Thankfully, there are many different places located all around St. Louis that are still bearable during the cold winter months. So consider visiting some of these places over your long-awaited...

Pion-Ear: Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ review

Pion-Ear: Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' review

Holden Foreman, web editor

January 10, 2017

“Pursuit of Happiness” is such a sweet song. I can really relate to the artist’s motivational message about doing me and removing the shackles of society and the system. But who sings it again? Kid Cudi? Has he been in the studio since 2009? Is he even alive? Yes, he’s alive, but Cudi’s ...

December horoscopes

December horoscopes

Vivian Kutheis, web staffer

December 12, 2016

art by Haley Mitchell Aries (March 21-April 19)- This is the month of luck. Use this opportunity to take more risks like asking your crush out to Ted Drewes or Spencer’s grill, any place that makes the experience more comfortable. The unknown might be scary, but getting a reward at the end makes it all wort...

December holidays

December holidays

Annie O'Brien, features writer

December 1, 2016

It’s finally December, which means weeks of holiday preparation and celebration. Although holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa reign as the most well-known, there are plenty of other more obscure holidays deserving celebration, too. Here is a list of some of the more interesting, albeit unknown,...

Fun national holiday calendar: December

Fun national holiday calendar: December

Chloe Hooker, photographer

December 10, 2015

December is the last month of the year; celebrate it with these fun and wacky national holidays....

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