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Photo Gallery: people and attractions of The Delmar Loop

“I’ve been working the ice carnival for about 8 years, I do it once a year and i got into it through the loop special business district,

Annie George and Sophia Beckmann

January 21, 2020

The Delmar Loop is a cultural and restaurant district in Downtown St. Louis with various entertainment and dining options. Check out this photo gallery featuring some of Saint Louis' classic attractions, and some of the people found in the Delmar Loop. "The Loop is full of wackos," Elisheva Heit, owner of F...

The Delmar Loop

The streets of the Delmar Loop are currently in construction for building the new trolley.

Gabi Baker, photographer

March 7, 2016

The Delmar Loop is a 6 block street full of history, shops and restaurants. The Loop is home to the St. Louis Walk of Fame and the 2.2 mile long trolley, which is currently being remodeled. With the wide range of options in the loop, you're sure to find something good to eat or something fun to look...

Good Eats: Are you Syria(s)?

Good Eats: Are you Syria(s)?

Trevor Cleveland, blog/podcast editor

February 5, 2015

Across the street from Dewey’s Pizza in downtown Kirkwood sits Ranoush, tucked comfortably into the corner of East Jefferson and Kirkwood Road. Walking into the restaurant, however, provides an entirely different experience. Tapestries drape across walls, alluring chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and...

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Delmar Loop