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Call Ed: Shirts off for equality

Call Ed: Shirts off for equality

TKC Staff

December 5, 2016

According to the founders of Atlantic City, the 42 arrested men were “gorillas.” In front of women and children, they were hauled off the beaches and fined for their unthinkable crime: indecent exposure. Their actions seem inconsiderate, twisted and disgusting. Yet, nearly every living male in the...

Modern day tribes

Bridget Killian

Austin Cleveland, sports writer

November 7, 2016

From the Sunday gridiron to the Madhouse on Madison, more than 2,000 sports teams with names and logos associated with Native Americans have spread across the U.S. Despite strong backlash by some of the groups they represent, teams such as the Washington Redskins are trying their best to hold on to the...

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