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Photo gallery: English Department’s Tracksuit Day

The English Department poses in their tracksuit gear before the school day starts.

Emma Lingo, web managing editor

April 19, 2019

The English Departments collectively decided to spice things up this Friday by wearing tracksuits for the school day on April 19, 2019. Reza Behnam, English teacher, came up with the idea for ‘Tracksuit Day’ and shared it with the department. According to Donna Canan, English teacher, Behnam sent out r...

Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge

Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge

Grace Klebe, entertainment writer

May 1, 2018

After a week full of front-loading, tests, quizzes and due dates for many KHS students, a relaxing four-day weekend with no homework was enjoyed. KHS has decided to test the weekends of February 16 and March 9 as no homework weekends, instructing the faculty to restrain from assigning work over the time...

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