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They never even wanted to teach

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons license

Lily Bartin, writer

May 21, 2018

The shrill ring of the sixth hour bell marks the time that Larissa Hoffman, senior, has eagerly awaited all day. Hoffman files through the crowded math building, to her seventh hour, which she spends as a cadet for math teacher, Randy Kriewall. Back in the classroom of her favorite former teacher, Hoffman ...

Lamenting our language

Lamenting our language

Annie O'Brien, features writer

May 18, 2017

I look at my phone screen and cringe when I read “idk rn but ill txt u ltr.” First of all, punctuation has been part of the English language since around 400 A.D., according to The English Project, not to mention that reading in all lowercase letters with half the words spelled wrong is simply confusing. While the internet pro...

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