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Senior profile: Justin Battle

Senior profile: Justin Battle

Benji Wilton, features writer

May 18, 2018

After spending the day walking through decorated halls and preparing for Turkey Day festivities, Justin Battle, senior, anxiously watches students and staff file into the David Holley Assembly Hall. For him and the rest of the drumline, playing in front of the ecstatic crowd is their shining moment. ...

Smashing the glass ceiling: Annika Kline

photo by Mary Ralston

Adler Bowman, features editor

March 15, 2018

Annika Kline, sophomore, has always been a little off-beat. About 30 percent (10/33) of percussionist in the KHS band are female, but Kline is the only girl that played snare drum during the 2017 Pioneer Pride Marching Band season. Kline has been playing percussion since fifth grade, and she said that she is not surprised that she is outnumbe...

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