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What others see when they look at you may not be what you see when looking at yourself.

Reflections – Elizabeth Riti

Elizabeth Riti, photographer May 17, 2021

For my statement about 2020, I wanted to share my greatest lesson of the year: learning to really see yourself. When you spend so much time thinking about how yourself and others perceive you, it’s difficult...

Art by Laurel Seidensticker. They have been playing soccer together since they were 4. Throughout their lives, they have helped each other both on and off the field.

Senior profile: Emma and Kamryn Ealey

Maya Kim, social media editor May 4, 2021

They have been playing soccer together since they were 4. Throughout their lives, they have helped each other both on and off the field. Now, twins Emma and Kamryn Ealey are continuing their soccer journey...

The George Robinson house, one of many historic estates in Kirkwood.

Archives: The history of Kirkwood homes

Clayton Caringer, archives editor March 17, 2021

It’s easy to forget that Kirkwood and its surrounding areas are as old as they are. Established in 1853, the city has changed drastically since it was established as a small farming community west of...

TKC wants to bring attention to historical and current issues of race often overlooked in Kirkwood schools and the community. In this in-depth, we highlight both problems and possible solutions of race-related issues to increase awareness of these topics. Art by Graesen Joyce

Recognizing race: unexplored issues in Kirkwood

Following the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, vandalism depicting racial slurs on three KSD buildings and the rise of media attention on racial issues, TKC wanted to bring attention to historical...

This photo of a road at sunset is inspired by the song

Photo Gallery: top five photos of 2020

Annie George, photographer January 21, 2021

Throughout 2020, TKC photographers have made plenty of photo galleries, and the TKC staff wanted to showcase, in our opinion, the top five photos of 2020.

Kirkwood Farmers Market begins to set up their holiday gift shop.

Photo Gallery: The holidays in Downtown Kirkwood

Elizabeth Riti, photographer December 4, 2020

As the Halloween decorations came down on November 1st, the winter holiday decorations went up. For many, the holiday decorations spark a sense of joy. Nora Hamilton, sophomore, is just one of the many...

Photo Gallery: Kirkwood in fall

Photo Gallery: Kirkwood in fall

De Lila Green and Elizabeth Riti November 11, 2020

Even with COVID-19, fall has still managed to take over Kirkwood. From the Farmers Market to Kirkwood Park, the nature and decoration can be seen everywhere. For many Kirkwood  students fall is their...

Photo by Elizabeth Riti

Returning to movie magic

Lydia Sheehan, entertainment writer October 29, 2020

You find your seat in a dimly lit cinema. The scent of buttered popcorn wafts through the room as the previews roll. People come shuffling in as anticipation builds for the feature presentation. You’re...

Gabrielle Cannon, junior, poses in front of her favorite album: Mojo by Evann McIntosh.

Photo Gallery: students recreate their favorite album covers

Elizabeth Riti, photographer October 19, 2020

TKC previously had teachers recreate popular album covers Now it's the students' turn to recreate their favorites. "A lot of the music I listen to leads to empowerment, just like the album I recreated,"...

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