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Featured in this image is Zach Baynham (left) and Avery Martine (right) who are the two creators of the Instagram thrifting account lou.thrifts.

Fighting fast fashion one post at a time

Lila Shepard, features writer October 22, 2020

Thrifting has become more popular as vintage styles have made a comeback. Zach Baynham and Avery Martine, KHS seniors and close friends, are the creators of an Instagram thrifting account. Their account,...

Ditto in Glendale is a perfect thrifting stop.


October 12, 2020

With more and more free time on people’s hands, the closet Instagram accounts created to sell discarded clothes are nothing new. Instead of online shopping, choose a more sustainable way, throw on a...

If the Amazon rainforest continues to burn it will drastically hurt the global environment.

Going up in flames

Kailey Shirrell, opinions writer September 24, 2019
If we lose the Amazon, we lose the fight against global warming, and it would trigger a cycle of environmental collapse because it plays an important role in the fight against global warming.
Image courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons License

Ways to be environmentally friendly

Lydia Cohen, web staff October 5, 2018

Students file into room SC 106 each day with the hopes of doing the little bit they can to help improve KHS’ impact upon the Earth. In the environmental sustainability class, students attempt to reduce...

These green bins sit outside the homes of many Kirkwood residents.

Don’t kick recycling to the curb

Catherine Butler, opinions writer September 10, 2018

Once a week, a student rolls his green recycling bin to the curb, not giving it a second thought as he walks back inside. 85 percent (212/250) of KHS students said they use Kirkwood’s curbside recycling...

The Environment Sucks and Why You Should be Killing It

The Environment Sucks and Why You Should be Killing It

Jack Bugee, opinions writer April 25, 2018

I’ve been meaning to get something off my chest for a while. Seeing everybody talking about saving the environment has started to really grind my gears. It’s insane how far some go to protect something...

Trash can't

Trash can’t

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer March 16, 2018

Some would say the “recycling bin” of KHS seems to be half full. I would ask, is the recycling even being recycled? On a dreary Monday night this January, a custodian in the history building...

Trash can

Trash can

Will Drury, Parsnip Editor February 12, 2018

Christmas came late for KHS students this year. Just a few weeks ago, every rosy-cheeked and acne-speckled high schooler was greeted with an overabundance of gifts from KSD, including a brand new laptop,...

Let's talk dirty

Let’s talk dirty

Will Drury, Parsnip Editor February 6, 2018

The day I found an entire, unopened, king-size Kit-Kat bar in the trash was the day I realized we had a problem. After roughly an hour digging through the hazardous waste dump that is KHS’s trash, I...

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