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The evolution of the meme

Memes reach millions each day making peoples days brighter by the laughter they bring.

Jack Matousek, features writer

February 11, 2019

As I touched the cool screen of an iPad, feeling it for the first time, excitement coursed through my body as I had the power of the world at my fingertips. Look at all the power the Kirkwood Sschool District let me think I have. With my newfound potential came Safari, and with Safari came the search...

The evolution of learning

The evolution of learning

Chloë King, web staff

October 1, 2014

To be fair, no one really knows where to go on the first day. But most people at least have a room number. Independent Research in Science was something I’d signed up for, but besides that it was mostly a mystery. I started out on the first day of school not even knowing what class to go to, because...

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