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Issues: Stereotypes of a black woman

Issues: Stereotypes of a black woman

Kiden-Aloyse Smith, opinions writer

October 30, 2018

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Angry black woman. It’s a phrase black women and girls know too well. Most times we aren’t even angry, just disappointed. After a racist political cartoon was made after Serena Williams was accused of cheating at the U.S. Open, black women and girls felt disappointed.   “My reaction was imme...

Senior Profiles: Isabel Nauman

Senior Profiles: Isabel Nauman

Jonathan Munroe, news-features writer

April 30, 2018

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As she walks through the doorway to the art hall, Isabel Nauman, senior, transforms into her element. Involved in Symphonic Orchestra, Acapella Choir, Prism Vocal Jazz, Art Club and KH Players, she is dedicated to the arts. “The KHS art department is a vital part of Kirkwood and it does not get as much attention and praise as the other departme...

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