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Valentine’s Day couples

Valentine's Day couples

Katie Judd and Abby Geisz

February 10, 2017

Jack Adams and Callie Mechelke, juniors photo by Chloe Hooker TKC: How long have you been dating? Jack Adams: Ten months and 20-something days. Right? Callie Mechelke: I don’t really know what the date is. That works. TKC: How’d you meet? CM: This is so complicated. Do you just wanna say math class? JA: Math class. CM:Freshman year, Kriewa...

VOK: 2.26

VOK: 2.26

Mara Hockerman, Gabi Baker, Melanie Witt, and Taylor Sweesy

February 26, 2016

  Gabi Baker “I know everyone who comes here [Great Harvest]. We sit around and gab and solve all of the world’s problems.” Gabi Baker “What was the happiest day in your life?” “Oh, that’s an easy one. The day I met my wife. She was a student at Rice University. She wa...

Fun national holiday calendar: February

Fun national holiday calendar: February

Chloe Hooker, photographer

February 4, 2016

  With only 29 days, February is the shortest month of the year. Celebrate each day with one of these unique and wacky national holidays....

February horoscopes

February horoscopes

Abby Geisz, features writer

February 1, 2016

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 20 The start of February will have slow start for you. Enjoy this peace, life will quickly pick up and you will come busy towards the end of the month. Pour your heart into your work and don’t give up when a task becomes difficult. Valentine’s Day looks promising for you...

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