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Senior Profiles: Zoe Risch

Senior Profiles: Zoe Risch

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

May 3, 2018

Filed under Senior Profiles

In a purple bedroom, pop music plays while one sister teachs makeup to the other. Giggles fill the room as Mary Kay samples are smeared on. Like many pre-teens, older sister Zoe, had recently become enveloped in the world of makeup. It was a way for her to find her identity amongst a lot of changes, like her family’s move from Calif...

VoK: Mass shootings

VoK: Mass shootings

Claire Boysen, features editor

March 2, 2018

Filed under Voices of Kirkwood

TKC asked KHS students about how they felt after hearing about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. photo by Claire Boysen “Of course I was sad," Abigail Dowell, sophomore said. "I don't know how else to feel. I definitely think it's very sad that the parents had to get that call about the kids and it was probably ve...

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