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Handling our history

Handling our history

Ethan Peter, features writer

March 25, 2019

Since 1990, there have been three district task force committees dedicated to closing KSD’s achievement gap. Yet on Feb. 11, 2019, Dr. Bryan Painter stood before KSD staff and shared Kirkwood’s continued racial and economic disparities on the End Of Course (EOC) and Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests. While 88 percent of white students were ...

Where are they now: Franklin McCallie

Where are they now: Franklin McCallie

Hannah Cohen, editor-in-chief

September 7, 2017

In a way, he grew up in a colorless world as a white, high-privileged male. The only colors he ever saw were red and blue on the confederate flag, reflecting his family’s history and aiding his father’s vision of an all-white society. His last name is strewn on signs and buildings all over town....

VOK: KHS principals present and past

Jamie Jones, Anna Poe, Alyssa Fox, and Abbey Painter

December 21, 2016

Dr. Michael Havener “Dr. Havener has such a good balance because he’s been here as a teacher, an assistant principal, then he was at the central office and he came back here to be principal. He has a wider perspective of the district than the others which of course helps in making him such a wo...

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