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Which grade level do you belong in?

Which grade level do you belong in?

Lydia Cohen, web staff May 4, 2019

Each grade level during high school has its own defining characteristics. Are you more like the over achieving freshman or checked-out senior? Either way, take this short quiz to find out which class you...

Freshman vs. senior year at KHS

Jane Stewart, communications editor January 31, 2018

Have you ever noticed a difference in attitude between the freshman and senior class at KHS? We have. Here is our take on the difference between the freshmen and senior attitudes at KHS.

Four neediest cases: freshman

Four neediest cases: freshman

Audrey Allison, artist December 12, 2017

  Gutter is a Yorkie Chihuahua. He has little doggie syndrome: he thinks he is bigger and better than all the other dogs out there. Gutter’s owner walks him, feeds him and cleans his cage. Gutter’s...

Four neediest cases: KHS

Four neediest cases: KHS

Each year around the holidays, TKC offers a helping hand to our community in one way or another. For the second year in a row, we decided to take on the Four Neediest Cases project, inspired by St. Louis...

Dwayne Robinson, freshman, waits to receive the ball.

Photo gallery: freshman boys’ basketball

Kara Rieger, photographer December 16, 2016

Freshman boys' basketball knocks Parkway South off their feet with a final score of 55-20 at 4:15 in the Denver Miller gym Dec. 12. The first quarter had everyone anxious as the score board sat at 6-4...

Freshman Cocoa and Cram

Freshman Cocoa and Cram

Mary Ralston and Audrey Berns December 8, 2016

First semester is coming to an end, and students are preparing for final exams. This can be an especially stressful time for freshmen as it is their first time taking finals, but Link Crew hopes to help...



Lany Borella, Features November 4, 2016

As students transition into the new school year changes occur, one of those many things are the planners. For the 2015-16 school year, planners were produced by KHS. As of this year, however, planner...

Do freshmen have enough honors?

Do freshmen have enough honors?

Hannah Cohen, social media October 5, 2015

Freshmen have two honors classes available: Honors Freshman Literature and Composition and Honors Geometry. For some freshmen, this is not enough. Students who are planning to take more honors classes...

Call's declassified freshman survival guide

Call’s declassified freshman survival guide

Will Drury, opinions writer August 30, 2015

Suddenly you find yourself on a huge campus, walking down hallways filled with nameless faces, squeezing past crowds to reach your next class. It’s a big jump moving from middle school to high school....

Photo gallery: KHS girl's freshman soccer vs. Rockwood Summit

Photo gallery: KHS girl’s freshman soccer vs. Rockwood Summit

Chloe Hooker, photographer May 22, 2015

Although the freshman team lost 3-0 to Rockwood Summit on April 27, they took the game as a learning opportunity. “The team learns and grows in confidence every week” Coach Hooker said, optimistic...

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