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Meet the Candidates: Missouri House of Representatives

Meet the candidates introduces you to candidates running for office district 90 and their platforms.

Emma Lingo, editor-in-chief

March 19, 2020

This year on Nov. 3, American citizens will be heading to the polls to vote for who they want to be president for the next four years. In addition, Missourians will be electing a governor, state senate representatives, state house representatives, school board members and more. Kirkwood, as part of the...

Meet the candidate: Barbara Phifer

Barbara Phifer, Democratic candidate for district 90, filed for office Feb. 25.

Emma Lingo, editor-in-chief

March 19, 2020

Barbara Phifer, political newcomer and life-long Methodist pastor, entered the race for the Missouri House of Representatives Feb. 25.  After graduating from Cornell College in Iowa and St. Paul School of Theology, Phifer became a pioneer, ordained as one of the first female Methodist pastors in Mi...

Meet the candidate: Rick Perry

Rick Perry, Republican candidate for House district 90, officially entered the race for the Missouri House of Representatives.

Emma Lingo, editor-in-chief

March 12, 2020

Rick Perry, career law enforcement officer and former president of Missouri Conservative Coalition, has officially joined the race for the Missouri House of Representatives hoping to pick up Deb Lavender’s (D-90) former seat for the Republican party.  Born in Camden, Mo., just east of Jesse Ja...

The Brain Issue: Political persuasion

Instead of pictures with their friends, teen's screens are full of political advertisements, endorsements and opinions.

Amelia Hurley, features + in-depth editor

November 4, 2019

As the day comes to an end, teens haul their heavy backpacks home. These exhausted students sit on their couches and pull out their phones to scroll through the latest posts they’ve missed. Instead of pictures with their friends, their screens are full of political advertisements, endorsements and opinions. Rather than relaxing, they see rant after rant and opinion after opinion. Their eventful days have bec...

The PolitiCall: getting involved in politics

design by Wolfie Frick

Izzy Colón and Thomas Birmingham

February 14, 2019

With the 2020 presidential election starting to gain more attention, politics are starting to be discussed more and more frequently in the halls of KHS. For the PolitiCall's third episode, Izzy Colón and Thomas Birmingham sit down with teacher Lisa Hellmich and Missouri Youth and Government governor...

Five things you need to know about the government shutdown

Photo Courtesy of Google Under the Creative Commons License

Lily Bartin, features writer

January 25, 2019

The U.S. government has been under a partial shutdown since Saturday, Dec. 22. Yet, nearly 30 percent (83/311) of KHS students don’t know the reason for the shutdown, and only 35 percent (109/310) of KHS students feel informed about it. Though it may seem distant, the shutdown affects the lives of e...

The Wood conspiracy corner

The Wood conspiracy corner

Jack Bugee, opinions writer

November 8, 2017

*This piece is entirely satirical I encourage the casual reader who isn’t prepared for their world to implode to stop reading now. For those ready, those who defy the ways of the new world order, follow me down the rabbit hole. Some believe in conspiracy theories, and some don’t. Then agai...

Government trivia

Government trivia

Adler Bowman and Izzy Colón

October 20, 2016

How much do KHS students and staff actually know about politics? TKC talked to a few people in the halls and asked them some questions to see how much they really know about their government.

Democratic Party debate recap

Democratic Party debate recap

Max Shulklapper, copy editor

October 14, 2015

CNN hosted the first Democratic Party presidential debate on the night of Tuesday, Oct. 18, pitting five leading candidates against one another in a bid to gain popular support in light of the looming 2016 election. Hillary Clinton, currently the leading Democratic candidate in the polls, touted her polit...

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