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The Brain Issue: Long term impact

Concussions were an issue that affected 15% of high school students in 2017.

Rachel Finan, health + wellness writer

November 6, 2019

Kade Kenter, sophomore, is hanging out with friends when he goes from happy to depressed with no warning. His friends are unfazed. This has happened before.  Madeline Brackney, junior, sits in class as the fluorescent lights flash in her eyes, causing her head to throb.  Gracie Simonsen, sophomor...

Photo Gallery: female team sports class plays softball

Sophia Beckmann, photographer

September 30, 2019

Mrs. Bekebrede’s female team sports class plays softball on Thursday, Sep. 26.

Photo Gallery: JV girls volleyball vs. Ursuline Sept. 5

Varsity girls volleyball gets congratulated by the JV team after winning the game against Ursuline.

Annie George, De Lila Green, and Ella Davies

September 9, 2019

Kirkwood Girls Volleyball played Ursuline Academy on Thursday, September 5th. Kirkwood beat Ursuline  2-0.

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Gracie Simonsen