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Easy braids tutorial

Easy braids tutorial

Abbey Painter, photographer

March 22, 2017

Snake braid To start a snake braid, braid a chunk of hair (as this braid is not typically used on an entire head of hair).  After the braid is finished hold the center strand in one hand, while pushing up the other two strands with the free hand. Bring the two strands completely to the top befor...

Hairway to heaven

Name: “Blue” 
“The red was too expensive.”

Sam Balmer and Mara Hockerman

September 25, 2014

Hair: the ultimate form of self-expression. Afros, undercuts, the “I woke up like this" look, the visible spectrum of colors and overall luscious locks adorn the heads of students and teachers, vastly contrasting the restrictions some schools place on appearance. TKC sets out to find those individuals...

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