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Teacher music Q&A: Lisa Hellmich

Teacher music Q&A: Lisa Hellmich
Sophie Chappell, features writer October 29, 2018

This series of articles will contain the musical interests of four teachers at KHS: Lisa Hellmich, History teacher, Jason Evans, History teacher, Cindy Kohler, French teacher and Adam Rowland, English...

Which “Hamilton” character are you?

Maddie Meyers, features writer May 8, 2018

The musical “Hamilton” has swept the stage around the world. From its creative lyrics to its clever choreography, “Hamilton” is a must see. Take this quiz to find out which character from the musical...

The Fabulous Fox Theater 2017-18 Season

Emma Verrill
Grace Klebe, Entertainment August 28, 2017

  If you're a musical fanatic, you probably know all the words to the shows that will be staged at The Fox Theatre this season. But if you aren’t in the know, then maybe this will inspire you...

Washing away diversity

art by Kailie Otto
Claire Boysen, opinions writer March 8, 2017

You sit down on the couch after school, ready to watch your favorite TV show. You turn on the TV and see the same thing you always see: Friends, Full House, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Girl Meets World,...

Election: an American dilemma

Election: an American dilemma
Annie O'Brien, features writer November 7, 2016

      With a lively cast and a plot full of drama, “Election: An American Dilemma” proves to be a revolutionary show that will impress audiences everywhere. The main characters,...

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