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Charlotte Heinrich, features + in-depth editor

March 1, 2019

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Mary stopped her followers mid-scroll Jan. 6, 2019. Photos of her unsucked-in, relaxed stomach showed on her Instagram account that day, and not by accident. “I posted those photos because I see all the perfect people on Instagram,” Mary said. “When I don’t pose perfectly, I don’t look like ...

Brainstorm: Living with epilepsy

Brainstorm: Living with epilepsy

Annie O'Brien, health and wellness editor

December 12, 2018

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Some high school freshmen stress over who they are going to eat lunch with. Others stress about their physics grade, worried their low B will drop. Others worry about which shirt they should wear on any given day. But for Cameron Schulze, freshman, his worries are vastly different. “I just have th...

The depiction of addiction

The depiction of addiction

Amelia Hurley, features writer

December 1, 2018

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Sleep deprivation, low energy and harsh mood swings are characteristics often associated with teenagers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States saw a 2.4 percent increase for teenage opioid overdose from 2014-2015. Due to this, KHS health teachers have stressed the importance of healthy decision making from early ...

The Kirkwood wellness dilemma

The Kirkwood wellness dilemma

Grace Klebe, news editor

September 27, 2018

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Fifty one percent (180/348) of KHS students think KSD needs a new plan to deal with the mental health of its students and staff. With no current district-wide plan in place, the school board submitted a Request for Proposals (RFP) in March 2018 asking for help from different organizations to form a ...

Keep it in the classroom

Jack Rintoul, editor-in-chief

August 27, 2018

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Online classes have the chance to change the education landscape at KHS in a massive way. In some ways good: it can create a way for students to get ahead and squeeze in that IP, which can lead to less stress both in and out of the classroom. For any students who find themselves out sick and missing s...

Go green?

Go green?

Ainsley Fox, writer

April 26, 2018

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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Warning signs

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Warning signs

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

March 1, 2018

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For most people, class parties, birthday parties and meals out with family come with happy and comforting connotations. For others like Taiye Joseph, junior, these events bring fear. “My intentions [before entering high school] weren’t to have an eating disorder,” Joseph said. “It started out because...

KHS feminine hygiene product drive

KHS feminine hygiene product drive

Emma Lingo, News-features writer

October 18, 2017

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According to Time, women who receive low incomes or are homeless often don’t have the money to afford access to proper feminine hygiene products such as tampons, pads or sanitizing wipes. This can lead to a vast range health issues from vaginal infections to cervical cancer. To help the women of St. ...

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